In 2007, a small criminal defense law firm based in Pittsburgh contacted SB Internet Marketing in order to develop a website and employ a reasonable SEO campaign. They had no website prior to this time and knew they were missing business opportunities for the firm.

Attorney Emmi wanted to grow the client base of his firm locally as well as increase their website’s traffic. Their budget was relatively limited in a highly competitive market.

SB Marketing worked with Attorney Emmi to understand his specific areas of expertise and growth challenges. SB Internet Marketing was able to work closely with the client’s budget, while implementing a small, but targeted SEO campaign, which included the development of multiple press releases and articles. Together SB and Attorney Emmi were able to determine the key areas that were pertinent to the firm goals. Their web site design and their SEO effort were both developed with specific keywords in place which enhanced their advancement.

Within 6 months their primary keywords selected began to rank high on the Google search engine. SB has maintained the high rankings over the last 3 years. The site continues to receive an average of 6 visitors a day that are specific client prospects for his firm. With the success of his website’s exposure, a non-local law firm has also approached Attorney Emmi in hopes of working together for referrals.

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